• imcat(贴心猫) Environmental --- [Top]
    • ● PHP Environmental:
        -> PHP5.4 ~ PHP7.3 (v4.4+ NOT suport php5.2)
        -> Recommend: PHP5.6 ~ PHP7.2
    • ● Mysql Environmental:
        -> mysql5.x+
    • ● Extended:
        -> MySQLi OR MySQL Libs (Recommend/Default:MySQLi)
        -> GD Extended Libs
        -> curl_init, fsockopen, file_get_contents
  • imcat(贴心猫) Setup&Config --- [Top]
    • ● Set the relative path of the site:
        -> all files will be placed on the site of any directory (do not have Chinese characters, spaces and special characters in the dir name);
        -> In file: /root/cfgs/boot/_paths.php Param: PATH_PROJ;
        -> The value of PATH_PROJ is the relative path of the site, eg:['/txmao'] or root [''](empty string);
        -> For the first time, It will automatically correct the project path, so you can omit the operation;
    • ● Edit DB-Config(It can be edited while installing, advice you config manually);
        -> File: /root/cfgs/boot/cfg_db.php;
        -> Tip: the defalut DB-Type is: $_cfgs['db_driver'] = 'mysqli';
    • ● Setup/Config
        -> View Start Page: /index.php?start to Check and Config:
        -> View Url: /root/tools/setup/ to Setup.
  • imcat(贴心猫) After Setup --- [Top]
  • (------------------- Important! -------------------)

    • ● Refresh Cache:
        -> AdminCenter >> Tools >> SysTools >> SysCache >> SysCache:Refresh/Clear >> Send
        -> If not do this, some of the admin menus will Broken!
    • ● Setting write permissions and other server settings
    • ● Deel/Setting /dev.php, /doc.php Entry(Del or Hide or Setting on AdminCenter[Close dev Views])
    • ● Del or remove Dirs: /root/tools/setup/,
    • ● Keep Dirs: /root/tools/adbug, in order to subsequent debugging.
    • ● Start page: /index.php some of the links as a common tools, need to login the admin.
        -> can also be a separate login, please set the params in file /root/cfgs/boot/cfg_adbug.php.
        -> Please reset the params enough complex and keep it properly!
  • imcat(贴心猫) Tips --- [Top]
    • Files and Permission
        -> Write Permission
        vary and sub dirs, need write
        File: /root/cfgs/boot/_paths.php When you install, Need write (if you are not setting, you can automatically reset the path, only once)
        File: /root/cfgs/boot/cfg_adbug.php Need write (reset the auxiliary debugging tools account/password, only once)
        -> File frame   Dir Frames , Down parts , File Frames ;

    • Resources
        -> Online :Demo Page, 文档首页, Guides
        -> Tec FAQs(bug feed back)
        -> Guestbook & Complaint
        -> Contribution of donation
        -> Imcat(贴心猫) Tech-QQ-Group: 607070548
        -> [QQ/Mail] QQ: 8089-3510, Email: xpigeon#163.com (QQ remove-, Email Edit # to @)

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