Priver Corp 9月联谊活动

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 (Test Info) Priver Corp. was founded in Taiwan in the year of 1982, and established the factory operation in Dong Guan of China in 1993. At current stage it is operating out of a 500,000 square ft. facility with 1,500 professional staff of employees who dedicatedly works to ensure that each of our products lives up to your industrial specification. Our capacity consists of tooling, presses ranging in size from 50-500 tons, stage/progressive stamping, semi-robotic line, spot/rivet welding, two state-of-the-art powder and liquid coating systems.

Priver is established to aim at the OEM/ODM business in SECC, stainless, aluminum, galvanized, brass, etc. Our product lines cover PC chassis, server/IPC, notebook parts, heat sink/cooler, DVD player, LCD TV/Monitor, power supply, barebone system, sold to major worldwide companies, . We also specialize in designing and manufacturing custom mechanical parts and hand transfer tool and progressive dies for special applications based on OEM/ODM project. With a mission to quality, and innovation, design and development, Priver is ready to meet a fruitful range of stamping and tooling needs. Process adaptability is our key in producing competitively priced stampings and with over 110 press machines and all necessary in house equipments Priver has the capability to manufacture products that meet your required delivery.

Quality Assurance/RoHS

The quality process Control system enables our QC/QA experts to validate measurements and confirm compliance with the required specifications. Priver has a good number of 55 staffs in the QC Department with the professional knowledge to maintain strict records.

An innovative, commitment and share to the latest technologies is complimented at Priver by a strong conception in values of good service and quality technology.

The latest in technical support systems including AutoCAD and Pro-E, allow our fully staffed Engineering Department to create tooling designs for leading ability.

We assure all products made by Priver are in compliance with the EU Directive 2002/95/EU (RoHS) “ Restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in the manufacture Of new Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)”.

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