• imcat(贴心猫) Modify the admin entry --- [Top]
    • ● Purpose: To secure and customize features!
    • ● Move file:
        -> Create a sub dir in /root/, like as:usecret(Arbitrary modification),
        -> Copy file /root/run/adm.php to THIS sub dir, and modify the filename, like as cat.php(Arbitrary modification),
        -> Edit the path(_init.php) in this file: require dirname(__DIR__.'/run/_init.php');
    • ● Edit config:
        -> File: /root/cfgs/sycfg/sy_vopcfg.php
        -> Edit item: $_sy_vopcfg['tpl'],
        -> like as: 'adm' => '/usecret/cat.php',// the path and the filename modify according to your set
    • ● Visit the url, Enjoy! :
        -> /root/usecret/cat.php
  • imcat(贴心猫) Optimize directories --- [Top]
    • ● dirs: html,ures
        -> For optimize: you can move dirs /xvars/html, /xvars/ures out from xvars, ( From v3.5, It is optimized in the default set)
        -> Or set virtual directory:
        -> Attention to modify the configs in file【/root/cfgs/boot/_paths.php】.
  • imcat(贴心猫) Deal with dir:vimp --- [Top]
    • ● Background
        -> If more then one THIS system(Imcat) in the same server, and with the some version, they can share the dir:ximps/imcat
    • ● Handling items
        -> Specific processing matters, can refer to the above, all of the sites are config virtual dirs, use the same ximps/imcat directory...

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